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This might sound counter-intuitive to some but I think I know exactly what you mean. Passion takes time to form.

To build on the process of passion-building, stay curious and pay attention to what attracts you. TL;DR; Passion breeds mastery. The bridge between chatt and mastery is through optimal experience, or flow. Without flow or passion there can never be optimal experience nor mastery. I hope this minipost will enlighten many to make the good choice in life.

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As everything you do in life is a choice and an opportunity which le to other opportunities. First and foremost, you should be happy to be working at a passlon with Elixir.

The reason is simple, there is an enormous influx of people who want to become programmers or work in the IT field mainly because of the benefits and perks associated. Are you willing to chaat a lifetime into becoming a craftsman and master your field? As a programmer myself, I took quite a different approach to programming.

I started out young out of the curiosity of how things are built. Struggling to learn things by myself through trial and error, there was no such access 17 years ago chaf information as there is today. I progressed slowly and steadily by creating many personal pet projects. Most of which where experiments with various tools, programming languages or which seeked to solve a problem I or someone else had.

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I slowly moved on helping small businesses automate by creating various tools. I took ownership of the whole process from inception, to creation, to deployment.

Another thing I did was always go against the majority consensus… For example, even though I had enough experience in Java and passiob mainstream programming languages where jobs were always near, I went with a different, more optimal language. This enabled me to see the bigger picture and actually take pride in what I was doing.

I worked part time in the technical support field SOLELY because I knew that working in a company as a programmer would deprive me of my ownership liberty. The other part time I focused on becoming better and better at the full ownership system. Only when I felt ready, did I a company as a senior programmer. Once i read it, I understand why I had succeeded and why most people fail.

Artist Chat: Cantonese Opera – The Passion of My Life

Mastery can only be achieved through constant improvement by reaching an Optimal Experience through Flow. You really do need passion for this.

They worked out of passion. You have various options: Expand your knowledge in various subfields of Padsion. Have personal pet projects. Do a MVP of an idea you have.

Expand your entrepreneurial knowledge in Marketing, Sales, Statistics, etc. You might be surprised to learn that working on becoming a master in 2 totally unrelated domains opens up passion opportunities. The choices you need to make in life depend solely you.

Before I discovered programming I would work on old cars and bikes, make hcat, and build lo of other random things. I always loved creating and improving stuff. When I realized I could build apps for a living I became very passionate. Overtime It became a passion. Definitely try starting a side project.

Build a clone of an app that you really like or create something totally new that you find interesting. When you want to see something through to completion every bit of progression towards the end product is incredibly satisfying and you will start to get addicted to that feeling. Also stay away from Leetcode if you are trying to build up passion unless you enjoy itmost people do not find that type passipn problem solving to be enjoyable, I strongly prefer solving real world problems rather than artificial ones.