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Making chat rooms

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This will be a little different from the chat room application we built in episode 38 - where we had a single room. But what we have here will work for our application. CreateMessages do use Ecto. ChatView do use TeacherWeb, :view end With that we can create the template for our chat room.

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Now that we have our working, we need to create create a way for users to post messages to the room. Now we can use the room to initiate a new channel for our topic, using the room we got from the path. If we go to our chat again and then inspect the browser console, we see our message is logged letting us know we ed our channel successfully.

Once we have those we can send them to the server with channel. Now we can use channel.

Messenger Rooms is a new way to hang out with your favorite people on video chat.

If we refresh the - our messages are lost. Since the topic is stored as a field on our socket, we can pattern match on it to get the room.

A modern browser is enough - no Flash or other plugins required. No Registration, No Just nick name and off you go.

No required to create or a chat. A Picture is a 1.

Just photos, sketches, diagrams or other images to your chat and share them with others. The clear and fast chat is just fun.

Free to ing stinto chats is free and creating them very cheap.