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Photographs by John Rennison Web de by Pete Smaluck Most of the fights go down in the showers, out of range of the video cameras.

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Photographs by John Rennison Web de by Pete Smaluck Most of the fights go down in the showers, out of range of the video cameras. It's not unusual for a new inmate to be called in for a scrap, simply for being new. It's called soldiering. Josh knows the ritual is stupid and barbaric, but it's a whole other world in there. He's willing to talk about jail because he wants people to "get a look at things through the eyes of an inmate and person on the other side of the fence.

Life inside is tough enough without getting on an inmate's hit list for talking to the media. To many, the red brick bastille on Bartonsquare yards bounded by Elgin and Ferguson streets and train tracks on the other three sides is little more than background on a busy north end street. Josh was one of the 3, people who cycled through there last year a fifth of them are repeat visitors.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Trauma and Abuse

The first time he went in he was just Or wait - he says, maybe 14? He's 25 now and the years are starting to blur together. Stories from what is formally known as the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre go back 36 years when it opened following the long-overdue closure of the city's original lock-up. A correctional officier in the cells where people are initially held when they are brought to jail for processing. Some of those stories have made headlines over the years, usually the fantastic ones - of escape or death, overcrowding or full-scale lockdowns.

Josh has plenty: Sleeping next to one of Hamilton's most notorious alleged killers in "the hole" or watching a fellow inmate get his drug fix in an unimaginable way.

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But we don't often hear these personal tales - largely, as Graefe says, because "there's not a lot of sympathy for people in correctional systems. Or even if you don't have kids in a school and you walk by it On a cold January ontarjo, five or so men in orange jumpsuits are propped up on the counters of the visiting area, just off the jail's main lobby. Usually, this is where inmates get their twice-weekly minute visits with family or friends. Inmates in a common area. Today, it is doubling as the methadone clinic.

You can't get methadone used to treat addictions to opioid drugs such as heroin in jail unless you were already on the program before your cbat. In the past six months, about 43 Barton inmates have been given a daily methadone dose. Afterward, the correctional officers make them wait 20 minutes before escorting them back to their cells to make sure it's digested. Otherwise, an inmate might "sell" it, trading for things like extra meals or chocolate bars from the canteen.

During his latest stint, Josh watched as a fellow inmate guzzled back another man's vomit, trying to get the high from the already-digested methadone dose.

He'd paid the guy to disgorge it. He'd pulled a sock over the top of a cup to act as a filter.

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hotlinds Another world indeed. From the outside, the Barton jail looks a lot like the nearby Sir John A. Macdonald high school. Inside, too, are white cinder block walls and beige linoleum floors typical of many institutions. But the faded turquoise cell doors, rusting in spots, remind you where you are. One of the women's jail cell areas.

The women's range. A book sits on the bars of a range after an inmate read it. Inmates live either in ranges blocks of cells or dormitories an open space with bunk beds and a common area where low-risk inmates have more freedomor in segregation, where high-risk inmates are locked up for up to 23 hours a day. Each of the jail's five floors has two ranges with a dorm in the middle.

Those phhone cells are let out at 9 a. Bedtime is 8 p. In the dorms, they can watch TV, too, without the strict schedules of the ranges. Each bunk has a cubbyhole where inmates can store their belongings - magazines, sandals, toiletries.

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Inmates in a dormitory. In the accessibility unit, an eight-bed range unique to Barton for inmates with disabilities, Eminem blares in the background. The music comes from a radio provided by the jail -"we choose the music," Superintendent Bruce Laughlin says. Laughlin is in charge of employees at the jail, of them correctional officers-they don't like the word 'guards.

Before it opened inthere was skepticism that the new Barton hotilnes would be "too nice. Deed to be five times the size of the old jail, it was billed as one of the most advanced detention centres in North America, offering specialty programs such as woodworking and barber shop trade skills trainingand a library.

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To some, it sounded too comfortable - too fun. While Josh says books got him hsmilton his time - westerns or crime novels, mostly - he says he's never heard of or visited a library in there. On the protective custody range on an upstairs floor the walls are dressed up - scenes of a leafy lake, a rainbow, boats on the water. Only a few chunks of colour have chipped off since the murals were painted in an inmate was given permission to do them after the correctional officers discovered he was an incredible artist.

A mural painted by an inmante in the protective custody area. There's no shortage of creativity in jail - especially when it comes to sneaking stuff in. There were 94 contraband seizures last year - everything from tobacco to lighters to alcohol. Inmates have not been allowed to smoke - inside or out - since antismoking legislation came into effect in Still, you can literally get anything, Josh says. Ideally, jail officials catch the drugs at the first stop on the way in: the holding cells.

Hotoines a lone man waiting there during The Spec's visit - a lull, the correctional officer CO says.


The day before, there were 30 new inmates. The holding cells where inmates are initially held for processing. Razors, lighters But drugs don't set off a metal detector.

They've caught people smuggling in drugs in all kinds of crazy ways over the years; in their mouth, the seam of their pants, swallowed or shoved internally, or hidden under shoe soles. Whether it's a cigarette notlines a t or something stronger, they get stuff cell to cell by "fishing," Josh says. Inmates rip a "line" from their bed sheets and tie it to deck of cards or the mini Bible that every inmate is given. They attach intario note with what they're looking for and cast the line under their turquoise metal door until it makes it to the right cell.

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And if they're caught? He'd rather not say if he did drugs inside - though he admits that's what landed him back in here, charged with assaulting his girlfriend. He has a messy history with crystal meth, he says, and relapsed this summer after a year of being clean. Things had been going good; he'd been staying out of trouble and was close to completing his GED this summer he never stepped foot in hotlins high-school classroom as a teen. phhone

So four years was a nice stretch to get away from it. Fighting with the girlfriend, out all the time, you know what I mean? It just snowballed basically. And that landed chaat where I'm at now.

Hamilton, Ontario -

For months, LaSalle has come twice a week to visit her inmate boyfriend, Garrett Henderson, whom she's been with on and off for 14 years. LaSalle's boyfriend is in on murder charges, laid in for the decade-old death of chst Brantford man. The other two men charged in the killing were found not guilty in September, but the jury could not reach a decision on Henderson. So after four years of standing by her man, she'll have to go through ontaeio trial process all over again.

Barton Street is a maximum security detention centre - not a prison - meaning it holds people such as Henderson who have been remanded before their trial or who are serving shorter sentences, usually less than two years. On this day, LaSalle's youngest son is with her. As a mother of three, arranging visits is complicated and inconvenient. It saves me the 10 or 15 bucks each time," she says.

Worse still is the phone bill. Inmates can only make collect calls - and Brantford is long distance. She quickly does the math in her head. Everything has to be put pone a locker before you go in. She knows the drill.

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She's been doing it too long. They haven't proven anything. And he's been in almost four years now doing dead time And that we miss hamilron Christmases together, not being there for birthday parties, he doesn't get to eat supper with us Phones for communication between visitors and inmates. Many of the women in the visiting lineup know each other, or at least recognize faces.

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They recognize the guards working the front desk, too. But lots of people judge or assume he's guilty But love is love. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Sometimes she shows up and it turns hotline something's happened inside and the whole range is locked down; visits cancelled for the day.