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We are worshiping together virtually for July and August. Thanks to John for the sideshow over our music, We will celebrate communion at the end of the service so grab a piece of bread and a Cup of something to drink so you might be able to share it with us First Church and South churches are open and affirming congregations of The United Church of Christ.

This means that you are welcome if you've attended services regularly or if you haven't shown up at any service anywhere for as long as you can remember here.

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The living God, who is as ancient as the stars and as fresh as a cry of a newborn baby. Sensu you're welcome if you are old or young smart or silly full of faith and full of doubt. If you are single or married divorced or widowed for here, we believe that every one of us is made in Girl image, no matter who you are or where you are in life's journey.

Close my eyes and bow my head and put my hand on my heart. Let us continue in preparation for worship.

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Hey kids Nice to have you with us today as usual. Thank you for being here. You are a part of us. You know we take communion today at the end of the service and I wanna invite rooj to be a part of it. You know Communion is one of those meals when it's not just your body that's being Fed but your heart and your soul are being Fed as well. Passover and at that piece. They remember. Chzt we do the same thing when we share communion, We remember Jesus and all that he did is he revealed the love of God, which is for us as well and not only for us for all of humankind.

Are Fed. Thanksgiving is a time in our House that is also more than just feeding our bodies, but we feed our soul and our hearts too by telling stories. In fact, one of the best stories is when our friend David had invited us all over to his House for. Thanksgiving because they had just remodeled their kitchen.

Everything was new in it, including the floor. It was beautiful. They have the whole floor replaced. Were left in it and David decided that he was going to take those Turkey drippings from one counter cchat the kitchen to the other corner and so. Started to drop out onto the floor and he saw that happening and he thought oh my goodness and he tightened up and he moved quickly but as he did so he squeezed it even more and the Turkey juice just went onto the floor all the way across the floor until he got to the other side and he set it on the counter.

He turned grranby and we were grajby oh my goodness. It's a new floor.

Oh, this is horrible. Because it's one of those things that just shows. And those silly situations that we get ourselves into even when we're imperfect of course, we still love each other.

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I bet you have stories like that too. We are. A love of God. Maybe you have one of those stories you can tell today as you take communion. Our reading today comes from a letter that Apostle Paul wrote to chats of Jesus followers he had started in Galatia, a province of the Roman Empire as one of the earliest books in the Christian Testament. We're in between 40 and 50 CE less than two decades after Jesus crucifixion and to three decades before any of the Gospels had been written.

The Gentiles have to obey Jewish law before belonging, including the circumcision of adult Gentile males, which have been a Mark of males belonging to God Since Abraham Paul has some strong words. For Freedom, Christ has set us free stand girl therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of room. Listen I Paul. I'm telling you that if you let yourselves be circumcised, Christ will be of granby benefit to you.

Grace for through the spirit by faith, we eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision or uncircumcision counts for anything the only thing that counts is faith working through love.

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We're called to Freedom, Brothers and sisters only do not use your freedom as an for self indulgence but through love become slaves to one another. You bite and devour one another take care that you are not consumed by one another. The grass withers and the flower fades, but the word of God shall stand forever. Hello everyone welcome to our prayer time. Independence Day weekend.

In Windsor our three season four which I turn into a four season porch with a space heater and you can see behind me I have a little alter set up behind me that has some objects of spiritual ificance to me, including a Saint Francis behind me and I've lit a little Incense incense is used. Let us pray.

God of chhat. Through Jesus Christ. You're free us from sin. We remain selfish, we can generosity. We remain fearful we can act with courage.

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Though hatred races it's ugly head. We can choose love. God of unity.

We need each other. Make us grqnby of the social fabric. Make us lovers of the common good. Make US builders of a better world for all. God on this Independence Day weekend. Make us mindful of the interdependence of all. We remember prayers. Particularly we remember Gayle's cousins granddaughter June one and a half years old. And while we pray for June, we pray for all of us.

We pray for our hearts that our wide. We remember Nancy Fisher Walter Ford. Heather's friend Maggie's husband and all who are in girrls of a special measure of your grace.

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We celebrate this Union Service. Church at First Church.

We pray this all in the name of your son the anointed one Jesus. Welcome first in South Church. It's nice to be worshiping with each other today. Silver Lake is our camp camp of Southern Gidls England Conference of the United Church of Christ formally the Connecticut Conference, which many of our kids attend during a normal summer and they have a marvelous time.

Course there is a balance game. It's a rectangular platform, say 10 feet wide and 20 granhy long as I remember, which sits like a large teeter totter on a bar or maybe a barrel that runs the width of it in the Center, maybe two feet off the ground and back in my youth Ministry days, I was grabby some team building with my youth group and we would.

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Go there and put different groups on opposite sides of the platform to see what it took to maintain balance. One fellow a six foot three football player was on one side. Girls have on their side and then some boys hopped on the other side and it's the new weight was added they would shift their position on the platform to to keep it level. It was a pretty amazing thing to watch because they learned to sense through their equilibrium.

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How to move instinctively as in order to gain balance. W-would rock back and forth and then finally level off.

After the girls side was almost full the original football player who was by now at the very rear of his side of the platform he stepped off the romo and the girls came crashing down and a few of the girls fell over. You slammed us down and the boys laughed. Got off the platform That's all the guy retarded.

I have to take a leak. It's a free country, A guy's got rights, you know. What is freedom? On May fourteenth, when the state of Michigan had the fourth highest death toll in the United States due to Corona virus. They were. The lockdown orders given by Governor Whitmer. The protest was organized by a group, a not-for-profit group called Michigan United for Liberty.

It views to lock down as unconstitutional. Their mission is and I quote to restore and defend life.

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Liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the state of Michigan. As a matter of their rights and it's certainly is. How cbat individual rights relate to the entire nation? This group is quoting the declaration of Independence, of course, which says we hold these truths to be self that all men are created equal. American founders were creating a new society.