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Main article: Wormhole Space In terms of security mechanics, Wormhole Space "w-space" or "j-space" is similar to nullsec: CONCORD does not monitor what happens in wormhole pockets, players can concord bombs and bubbles at will and aggression will not impact player security status. W-space also functions differently from known space "k-space" in that players do not appear in the Local chat channel until they speak in it. This means there could be 1 player or chats in a wormhole system and you would not be able to tell the difference just by looking at the local window. Pochven Main article: Pochven Following the Triglavian Invasion27 systems were cut off from Empire Space, and connected to each other forming the new Triglavian-controlled Pochven region. Game Mechanics affected by System Security Various game mechanics are affected or limited by system security. These include: Asteroid types found in asteroid belts.

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