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The feature of the game was when Ed Fish of the winners intercepted a forward pass and ran thirty yards for a touchdown.

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The feature of the game was when Ed Fish of the winners intercepted a forward pass and ran thirty yards for a nh. Coach Jack Fitzgerald wishes all the Delco squad to report at the club Wednesday at p. Tables will be arranged for the various card games, which will start at PM, and attractive prizes will be awarded high scorers. The committee comprises Mrs. Miriam Wilkins, Mrs.

Agnes McCracken, Mrs. Edward Moran, Mrs. camdenn

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Charles Henle, Jr. Teresa Hale. Arthur L. Stone be retained as Camden city director of emergency relief was made by Walter S. Stone ," Agin said. The city of Camden and the unemployed as well as the relief administration have use for a man with a heart and a head.

After all, it is not what we do for ourselves that make us caht, but what we do for the other fellow. We believe there is something more than the excuse that 'he let his heart rule his head' for the demand chxt County Director Wayland P. Cramer for Dr. Stone 's reation and for that reason we ask that Dr. Stone be retained on the job. Holly for distribution to the various gardens throughout the city.

John Emery, president, of the Cox Club, announced his organization has gardens underway on the old Cox farm on Harrison Avenue. They are members of 11 families under Emergency Relief atand State Street who were forced to cook their meals on rude makeshift stoves in the back yards after gas and electricity had been turned off for non-payment of bills.

From early Friday morning until 3. Saturday these families, supposedly under the protecting care of the emergency relief, were forced to revert to pioneer methods to cook the food and heat milk. There are 35 children in the families. When the Courier-Post learned that these families at State Street had been forced to cook their meals and heat their milk over makeshift stoves in the yard, an effort was made at once to reach Emergency Relief officials Saturday afternoon.

When that failed, these newspapers notified Public Service they would stand responsible cameen the bills incurred until the emergency relief would have an opportunity to act today. A few minutes later, however, a Public Service employee stated that a representative of the emergency relief organization also had called and agreed to guarantee payment of the bills. Diligent efforts to verify this statement were unsuccessful last night. Wayland P.

CramerCamden county relief director, said he had heard nothing of the case and that it would be one to be handled by Dr. StoneCamden city relief director who is serving until his reation is accepted by the state relief organization. Stone said that while he had guaranteed payment of gas and electric bills in a similar case about a month ago, he had no knowledge of Saturday's case.

Stone said.

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Edgar could not be reached last night. Stone said it was the usual policy of the Emergency Relief to arrange with Public Service to guarantee payment of gas and electricity of companies when rent properties to the relief administration.

If the bills are not paid by the renting companies, the money is taken from the amounts due these, companies from the relief administration. Stone said he had no knowledge that such was the policy followed in this case. A pathetic picture was presented in the back yards ofand State Street Saturday until the gas, and electric service was d. Huddled about little open stoves, with the sun beating down on them, the housewives ljne as best they could to cook food and heat the milk for their children.

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In these families are 35 children between the ages of one and ten years. All 11 families have been on relief for some time. Three other families in the apartments not on relief, also suffered from the lack of gas and electricity until payment of the bills was guaranteed. Meanwhile John Colt, mj director of emergency relief, has received but cxmden not accepted Dr. Stone 's reation. Colt admitted the possibility it might be necessary for him to visit Camden in his investigation surrounding Dr.

Stone 's letter of reation' said Colt, 'but have not accepted it.

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You can say for me that I have this whole matter under advisement. I shall visit Camden if necessary. After all, my job is to conduct relief affairs to the satisfaction of localities throughout the state, and disturbances of this nature take my time from relief work. I shall try to compose this matter to the best interests of all concerned. The two-hour inspection trip was made by Arthur M. Taylor, of the Emergency Relief Administration; Capt. Charles F. Hettinger, supervisor of city gardens; Walter S.

The Pyne Poynt Garden Club has installed feet of water pipe, with 12 outlets, from which water is sprinkled on the gardens in dry weather. At the Marine Terminal Gardens, near Clinton Streetthe gardeners have dug eight wells, 12' feet deep, with inch pipe, for their water supply. The Fairview Gardens are furnished with water by feet of old fire hose donated for the purpose.

Hundreds of hills of potatoes are growing there, from potatoes salvaged from city dumps. At oine Taylor Gardens, on Taylor Avenuethe name of the gardens has been worked out in string beans planted on the Taylor Avenue side of the plot. The garden police will meet Monday night in the court house with Chief Roy Adams. City Garden club chairmen and their committees will meet next Wednesday evening. Taylor announce that the Campbell Soup Company during the past week has contributedtomato plants to the City garden movement.

Stephen Pfeil last night asserted the North Camden Civic Association would request police for an intensive campaign against vandals. Pfeil said. The collapse of two house fronts today, which cost the life of a colored man, undoubtedly can be traced to vandalism in the beginning.

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The problem has implications. Demands Eex "We are going to ask that police apprehend these boys in an intensive campaign. Parents must be made responsible to break up this wanton destruction of property. We are aware that political interference may be encountered in such arrests, but we will vigorously insist that there be neither fish nor flesh in these arrests, but all punished commensurately with their deeds.

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Pfeil is treasurer of the organization. Elsie A. Stein and William Coghlan, members of a committee appointed with Mrs. Pfeil to negotiate with police, cited various instances of vandalism. Frank J.

Hartmann, Jr. Thomas B. The service proposed is not convenient to any class of commuter, and I regard the whole scheme as one of tremendous waste and bereft of proper chat. I do not think the commission can lease rails without proper facilities to the traveling public, and this association will us every effort with federal authorities to present the inadequacy of this rail plan. A committee representing the North Camden Civic Association appeared before the City Commission and urged an intensive campaign to halt destruction of unoccupied buildings.

Among the committee's recommendations for the drive were greater activity by the camdej, co-operation by citizens with the police in line vandalism, appointment of special famden to watch the buildings and a general educational campaign in the city schools. With characteristic suddenness, Frank J. Hartmannsecretary of the civic association, arose in the meeting and told the mayor that if policemen were sent immediately to Tenth and State Camdrn they would find young men engaged in tearing down an unoccupied factory.

As another evidence of "police negligence," he said, young men and boys could be found bathing camcen at that moment in Cooper River in that vicinity. Acting immediately, Mayor Stewart instructed Capt. John W. Goldenacting police chief, to send policemen to the neighborhood. Miss Elsie Stein, a member of the committee, handed the mayor a letter from a woman who complained about young men bathing in Cooper River. The letter sex turned over to Nu Chief Golden.

Stephen Pfeil, another committee member, told the mayor she realized the depleted condition of the police force and offered to aid in the educational campaign by talking against vandalism to children in the chaf. Hartmann urged that politicians and public officeholders refrain from using their influence to obtain leniency for children guilty of damaging vacant houses.

William Coghlan said he had complained to the police about the practice but had camden no. The city commission adopted on final reading an ordinance cht property owners to remove from the front of their properties and sidewalks weds and chxt. A fine may be imposed as penalty for violation of the ordinance. An increase to kilocycles and to watts causes interference in broadcasting, from WCAMthe resolution pointed out.

Assessors Reappointed Wilbur B. EllisEdward F.

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Peard and Thomas C. Wright were reappointed to the city board of assessors as of July 1. George H.