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Thursday 22nd August The quote for today girls is " Do not think of today's failures, but of the sucess that may come tomorrow. You have set yourself a difficult task, but you will suceed if you persevere: and you will find joy in overcoming obstacles.

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Thursday 22nd August The quote for today girls is " Do not think of today's failures, but of the sucess that may come tomorrow.

You have set yourself a difficult task, but you will suceed if you persevere: and you will find joy in overcoming obstacles. Remember no effort that we make to obtain something beautiful is lost. The main one that struck to mind was that each and every day it can be a battle for us to lose weight but we will suceed. It may be hard work but as the quote says anything beautiful and ladies we are beautiful the way we are So girls if you want to lose weight and find it hard, find a buddy and get a walking partner and get going.

But don't worry if at first you don't suceed, try and try again.

The other thought that sprung to mind was the ladies that are trying to fall pregnant. We may not all have the chance to be a mother but there are many other qualities that we chah offer.

Yuk o'the Day:

Dont think that children are the bee all and end all to any relationship. You can offer so much to your relationship by just being you. So don't im do disappointed there but then again if you persevere longer enough we may all get the chance to cha a mum. Hugs for you all babydust for the anxious mums to be yoyour cyster Recipe for today Beef strips and Veges and rice Cut Beef into strips and stirfry with some garlic and pepper seasoning. Stir fry veges and and cook some brown rice. Put rice on plate and spread veges around rice and layer the beef strips on the top.

Sprinkle with some soya sauce and enjoy. I had savariqn great day even though I am now back to cycle day 1 again but maybe next month will be the one.


The quote for today was great and I think we will all appreciate it alot. Some of us have big problems with this horrible disorder but as the quote says get rid of the confusion and this is often depression. So work on that girls and try to be happy and hopefully you will be one step toward a solution. I have found from talking to various girls that weight and depression are the worst symptoms of pcos.

But I feel with the help of all of us we can overcome both of these obstacles and do some good for ourselves.

Remember to help someone else and you will feel better yourself. And to try and keep positive.

I know this can be hard but we can all do it. With the help of savarisn. This is why I am here so if anyone needs someone to talk to, just give me a yell and I will see if I can help in any way. Just to get things off your chest can sometimes help alot. Remember have a good day tomorrow and to stay happy.

Much more than documents.

We will do something silly tomorrow OK This is a good picture today girls. We can make it to the top of that tree So be savarizn a Koala and climb to your goal Remember to keep on going you will get there Saturday 24th August Today we need to do something totally off base for us today. Something that will make us all happy. Saturdays are a great day to take the kids or just the hubby to the park and relax.

Pack yourself a hamper and off you go.

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Every town has a park so noone is excused. Get out the frisbe and ball and off you go.

Organise all your freinds and have a barbie and a cricket match or a game of touch footy. Great fun and you burn off heaps of calories running around as well. Todays quote is "Start by doing what is necessary, then what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible" Saint Francis of Assisi this is great inspiration that we can all start with the most improtant things and then everything will fall into place so never give up girls.

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We can beat this. Remember have a chat day This is a great idea but a bit adventurous, but you could start by doing chah small first then work up to hang gliding Sunday 25th August Hi girls this is our pamper day so remember the drill and get out all that jn stuff and don't forget the nail polish and make it a bright colour today. Put on the kettle and have a cuppa then proceed with the rest of your pamper day. I did four hours of gardening yesterday and I need today very much.

Hopefully it would have burnt up lots of calories so it was worth it and the yard is looking great. Quote for today "Amazingly enough we all live inside a body that is capable of improvement everyday - what are we waiting for By Broch Averlmeir This is a great quote don't savariah all think we a people in bodies that most of us want to change and we can if we want to I hope you all have a great day and feel better after doing it I will talk alot more tomorrow still gardening as well today and don't have much time Hugs for all Baby dust for mums to be Teena The rhino looks like he is enjoying his relaxing day hey girls Monday 26th August Hi girls How are we all going today?

I am great, had a busy weekend gardening and they are looking savarian. Very pleased with myself but very sore as I used a rotary Hoe all weekend. The quote for today is a adult proverb "The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones" This is true in everything that we do, we have to start small and eventually the problem no matter how large starts to dissappear.

Most of our problems seem large but as the proverb says we all have to begin by carry small stones. If we apply this to our weight, start by saying we have to lose 10lbs then another 10 lbs then another and before you know it you have reached your goal And reward eavarian along the way.

Every 10lbs get something you have always wanted. A new outfit or a new hair do or so forth let your imagination take control. But be happy and don't set yourself unachievable goals. As always you can talk to me if need be and I will try to help. My diet is going well and I feel so much better. Will talk again tomorrow girls Hugs for now No matter how slow we go we will reach our goals These are some great recipes I found on the web they sound great This has been a great week started a new diet and exercise regimine and I am seeing a herbalist and feel great for the first time for a long time.

Have lost cms of both my hips and my waist and that makes me feel great too. As we all know that our weight can go up and down according to what time of the month it is. Todays Quote " You can do what you want to do, accomplish what you want, to accomplish, attain any reasonable objectives My goals are 1. To lose weight 2. To have another baby 3. To learn to control my pcos symptoms I feel after reading that quote that anything I put my mind to I will accomplish.

I think if we afult our mind on anything if it is important to us we will be able to stick to it. I will be able to accomplish all my goals as I savariab they are all important to me so here goes girls, I am on the right path to getting better. Hugs for now Teena This is my night to play basketball so do you all think I will be bouncing like this tonight Wednesday 28th August Hi girls, how are we all going today?

I am fine and doing well.

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The diet is going well and the exercise is great I am so tired these days that I just want to fall asleep at night. Cht am sleeping better and wake up most mornings with heaps of energy to start a new day. The quote for today is "Don't consider cnat what is good for you" by Euripes So all this pain I feel from the exercise must be good for me hey But I do feel svaarian about myself and I can see my waist taking shape again.

We have to do some hard yakka if we want to achieve something worthwhile. The saying is no pain no gain I will keep going and I hope now I am on track that my hormones will fall into place as well.

By the way we won our game last night. Will talk again soon girls hugs for now Teena Thursday 29th August Hey girls another great day has savariaan and we are on track for another great day I am now on cd 6 and everything is fine this is the first cycle I have ever finished early, only had the cycle for 5 days. Must be all the new natural meds I am on. My diet is going well and I feel ok. Did 2 hours of mowing today and did some gardening as well.

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The garden is looking great and the kilos are coming off from all the shovelling and turning of the xavarian The quote today is "Just say No!!!!! We should just say it is ok for us to have a cheat every now and again Well enough of the lecture today.

Sorry this day is late but was away all weekend so all I have to add is the daily quotes for these days Quote for today is " If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health" By Hippocrates.